2019 Perodua Aruz Driving Review | EvoMalaysia

The Aruz. Commonly mistaken for the Rush. kekeke.
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  1. The most honest review i've heard, although you stated your bias at the brand, you still stated the fact as it is, its underpowered, sound proofing not the best, and hard suspension with a noticeable body roll. The other reviewers are avoiding those words like the plague. It is like you said it, the vehicle has its pros and cons, if you like the pros and can accept the cons then by all means buy it. For consumers we watch reviews in order to help us make informed decision, but if the so called "reviewer" only gives out the pros and sugar coat the cons, then its no longer a review, but an advert.
    So good job to you.

  2. Watching your review always put up a smile on my face, i like your easy going attitude lol (not because of your appearance although you're attractive)

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