2019 Proton Iriz facelift First Look –

The spritely Proton Iriz has just been updated with a new look and now comes with the new GKUI head unit. You can speak to this little cute thing. Let Eu Jin take you around for a detailed first…

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  1. Refined cvt punch. Yeah they'll definitely punch a refined hole in your wallet. The 300 changes means if they change the screws too ehh.

  2. I don’t really fancy Iriz. I watched the video because of Eu Jin..
    Man that sounds gay..
    But really, Eu Jin is a good presenter though.

  3. Hope Proton put their signal stick on right hand side in the future. Left hand side is continental car. It is annoying when you driving a mt car, use your brain Proton.

  4. proton kenapa tak reborn balik jenama wira, kenapa saga sahaja dapat design baru….??? aku dah naik jelak dengan nama saga, perdana pon ada model baru, wira jew takde lagi…?? aku cuma bagi idea jew….

  5. I actually want to buying a proton,.. because I have Perodua already,but then a lot of negative issue coming from the comments section. And also from my family relative experience when they buying a proton?,..but that is 2 and 3 years ago. Most the issue they bring it is:
    1) the auto transmission CVT problem.

    2) the small part ,like the lock system.

    3) fuel consumption not economy .

    4) and the spears part is expensive compared to Perodua.
    All THIS make me think twice before I buying a proton. Only time can tell weather all THIS issues is proven.

  6. Really want to test drive the car. I use socar quite a lot and always choose iriz coz I want to get feel the so called "handling champion". Yup it is, just lacking on the transmission part.

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