2019 Proton Saga – 650 km in one tank of fuel! 1-Tank Adventure plus full review

Hafriz Shah enters the Proton 1-Tank Adventure again with the latest 2019 Proton Saga! The route takes him to JB and back, over 650 km in just one tank of fuel! Watch as he reviews the Saga with…

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  1. I still have my skeptical hat on. I think the cars were modded to obey the FC setup even if the media lenjan af.
    I mean, if Volkswagen can have dieselgate scandal, why cant Proton do similar?
    Until someone can replicate this very event with retail cars, I'mma stay with this

  2. I have been waiting for city drive fuel consumption review specifically for Proton Saga but until now still there isn't one from you guys.

    I care more on city drive than long distance drive.

    Uninformative, thumbs down from me.

  3. Byknya sour faces yg komen. Huhuhu padahal owner perodua & honda sendiri komen yg fuel efficiency setaraf proton. Just like Hafriz said lastly, it is not the car's fault. It is the foot's fault, after all.

  4. I’m wondering, what about manual transmission fuel consumption would be? Saga 2019 is in my bucket list but for an automatic transmission i gotta say No No coz I’m a huge fan of manual transmission and planning to get a standard manual model somewhere around the 2020 (if God wills it).

  5. It is undeniable that Proton has done lot of improvements on both Persona and especially on Saga in terms of exteriors and interiors. For Saga, exterior design is a bit old school but interior design with float LED touch screen really Wow me, some more with the price less than RM40k is really icing on the cake. But one thing I found out and not very sure whether Saga lovers notice or not, the reflectors of the headlamps of Saga seem not very well in reflecting the lights. The intensity of the reflected light is much weaker compared to the Saga flx. Hopefully Proton able to keep the hard work by producing more quality cars to our nation. Keep it up Proton 💪🏻

  6. Why Proton keep promoting the cars is Good fc?? It is not! U think x70 1.8 tonne 200kg less heavy then a vellfire is Good fc ka?? I saw a pesona on Kesas with 1 tank adventure sticker, also with car windows open, drive 70kmh, 1 driver no passengers.. Think la.!

  7. Here the real problem about fuel efficiency is when you stuck on jam
    This is why I never believe
    carmaker even if they have a video show casing the car

  8. Orang akan kata saga lebih jimat minyak dari bezza.
    Tangki minyak saga 40 liter ye.
    Tangki minyak bezza 36 liter ye.
    Yang 1 tank adventure tu semua peserta perlu sampai ke destinasi dengan cara penjimatan sendiri. Nak jimat lagi, off aircond. Maintain RPM bawah 3000. Kalau on aircond sepanjang perjalanan. Dorang takkan sampai ke penamat tu. Jadi, cara yang dorang bawak tu bukan ikut cara pemanduan biasa. Kalau pemanduan biasa. Mesti nak on aircond.

  9. Unprofessional and poor vehicle and customer service.

    On the 18th February 2020, Tuesday in the morning approximately 9.00 am, I have sent my Proton Saga to service at Roda Baiduri Sdn Bhd, Kota Damansara branch for its 1,000 minor service. Once I arrive at the service centre at 5.00 pm on that particular day, I found out that there are oil stains on the vehicle seat which I think that you should improve your professionalism to service and handle your customers vehicle with proper protection.
    In addition, I requested one of your personnel to clean the vehicle’s seat before I collect which was made on the 19th February 2020. However, to clean a vehicle’s seat shouldn’t take a full day period as it is just normal cleaning and should only take at most half day. And once again, I arrive on that evening I found out that there are bird’s shit inside the vehicle’s door area, and lizard shit on the car mat. Your personnel did not take any action on making a thorough cleaning and a final inspection before handling it back to the customer but send an apology via Whatsapp. I requested his superiors contact to make a feedback on your customer service but there is no reply.
    As a well established company, I think that there are many things that should be improve such as Proper Protection during car servicing, Time Management and Professionalism from your staff should there be any feedbacks from the customer and actions to be made, Final Inspection in tip top condition before handing over to your clients.
    I have wasted one day due to long hours just for a normal cleaning, money just to take a Grab service to pick-up my car on a round trip from Tuesday to Wednesday and car wash because there is no further action taken.
    Please kindly be mindful that a good service means everything to an individual and also a company because it might tarnish a reputation if not. Hope that your company will make its necessary improvements and actions.

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