2020 Honda ADV 150 Review – Beyond the Ride

The 2020 Honda ADV 150 is not your average scooter. It may be one of the best in the Philippines with its multiple upgrades over the well-to-do PCX. Let’s review and see if the hype surrounding…

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  1. Some yamaha fanatics keep Comparing AdV 150 Honda to NMAX 155. Its like Goliath and David… Yamaha Is Goliath and David is Honda… Speaking in leyman terms… Yamaha is Quantity BUT not Quality like Honda has.. Nnmax155 jas big fatal fault. Its Piston Ring.. Easy and fast Degredation… Unlike honda adv piston ring never surrender fast

  2. in the Philippines… most of the motorcycle dealers in Metro Manila will not let you buy this scooter in full payment (SRP)

    you can only own it by installment 😅

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