2020 Honda City RS i-MMD Hybrid first impressions review in Malaysia

Wonder how 253 Nm of torque feels in a B-segment hybrid sedan? Well, check out this brief first impressions video, and what you can expect out of the City’s enhanced Honda Sensing system.


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  1. it seems like alot of media car reviewer also sounded this new City RS will be a game changer… and safety and spec wise… I dare to say this City RS is ahead of the Almera and Vios…

  2. Why all this secrecy. Honda City launch in india & thailand already showed all of this. Maybe just a little bit of cosmetic different here and there but the interior instrument will be just the same. and usually honda will remove something with malaysia version.

  3. I think both are waiting for each other to release the price. Honda waiting for proton and proton waiting for Honda so that the other can sell at a cheaper price. But never mind I can't afford both cars anyways lol

  4. Omg… The new city is soo quiet running on electric motor… Might accidently knock down some pedestrians who are walking with heads planted into handphones 😅

  5. Hi there, quick question: Will the high speeds power (e.g. 110km/h-140km/h) be an issue given it is driven by the 98hp motor only? The electric motor seems to do fine with 253Nm torque for low end, but worried on high speed power. Any thoughts?

  6. Covid-19 it's not over yet. The global economy has been affected, included our country. I hope government to be capable of continue taxes deduction to help improve car sales in this difficult times of disaster..

  7. If car marker really care about climate change, hybrid automotive selling price must reduce to attract consumer. I believe the sales volume will be greatly increased.

  8. Many people complain the V spec interior of the door side handle in white or beige colour is easy to get dirty. Many malaysians prefer the interior of the door side handle dominated by all black. Many people also complain the V spec sport rim only have 1 tone doesn't look good.

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