2020 Perodua Aruz vs Honda BR-V 7-Seater SUV Practicality & Driving Review! |

The 2020 Perodua Aruz and 2020 Honda BRV are 2 best-selling 7-seater SUVs in Malaysia. Is the Honda BRV practical enough? Is the Aruz Perodua worth the money? Watch this video and Adrian will show…

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  1. I prefer BRV instead of aruz. Car seats of the aruz arw too short. Not suitable for long journey driving. Besides the aruz powertrain is really bad. Underpower when trying to pass through a car. Brv is more comfortable than aruz.

  2. Aruz is very close to be a complete no-brainer if it's not for the lack of power compared to BR-V. 18 hp difference is quite a lot if u ask me …

    Nevertheless, Aruz is what most Malaysian should get if they're looking for affordable 7 seater car but if no need for the extra 2 seats, highly recommended to wait for the new Perodua compact SUV (5 seater) or Proton X50 …

  3. In terms of driving experience, I would go for BR-V, just that need to do improve with aftermarket sound insulation, and perhaps small modification to the rear absorber rate. For family oriented driver just to go A to B, either one is good.

  4. The End is just around the corner! Time is almost up for humankind! Go ahead and buy everything you want before the clock is stopped! Everything is going to fall apart,at least you’ll die in the spacious car instead of cramped sedan! But buy buy!!! Moratorium will be extended for the next 6 months! Imagine driving a big car for free for the next 12 months before god calls it’s a day! No more 2nd year,no more monthly installment.Just drive,die and wake up queuing for The Judgement Day! You wouldn’t be able to drive these in hell!!!

  5. My dad got a BR-V and I don’t like it. Everything about it feels so cheap and under-engineered. Packaging is lousy if you’re carrying adults in the second row, and it lacks so many features you’d find in much cheaper cars. You don’t even get a light for the gear shifter! Build quality is pretty awful as well – the doors don’t seal well at all, and there’s always a loud bang from the roof if you start driving in warm/cooler weather. Only good things I can say about it is that it drives normal.

  6. I'm not too sure about CVT , instead Aruz could use a 5/6 speed AT like the Triton, DMax or BT-50. Basically if the Aruz's intended purpose/function follows loosely like these pickups, I bet the 6 speed will take a beating better than the CVT due to the torque & load it may exert. There will be more gear ratios to allow O/D on the highway .

    Then again, it may drive up the cost more from R&D; it is something Perodua may need to consider which to trade off because 4AT for this car is very ill-suited for refinement; you cannot tune the gear ratios much when you only have 102hp, slightly lesser than a 1.5L Myvi even.

  7. Im from Indonesia, and last week i bought this 2020 BRV prestige, i hope, i didn't made wrong decision, lol, due now we have several options in the market like rush, xpander and XL7

  8. Saw an article on wapcar website. Most of Malaysian auto journalist claiming that Aruz is ladder-frame based vehicle. It is not, similar to Avanza which is too not a ladder frame vehicle.
    If you want to really understand, go and compare the underbody of Aruz and also Hilux.

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