2020 Proton X70 CKD Review! |

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  1. i just love the way Bobby talks n the best is when he laughs evilly when going up Genting Hills with some crazy fast driving … just love to watch him.

  2. was super disappointed for not having proper facelift after a year. meaning next year we will again looking at a year old design behind china market

  3. While we all admire Bobby's car reviews, well presented, but I don't see what's all the hype from Proton to call the media for the almost same X70 CKD with just few configuration changes.

  4. I said it before, everytime i watched your video i will learn something new..very informative, good knowledge, yet not boring in any way. Bobby, youre the mahaguru of cars to me🤣. You shared your views about technical, concept, design, and even the marketing and strategies. That gives me a very clear view of automotive industry..respect!!

  5. Something I couldn't understand is that why Proton do not want to offer their right hand drive with signal light controller at the right side, like the Japanese car? I understand that most of the cars in the world are left hand drive, but don't you think that right hand signal for right hand drive is more ergonomic? Hmmm….

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