2021 Honda CR-V vs Mazda CX-5 Turbo SUV Comparison Review, Family Should Buy Which? | WapCar

Two turbocharged Japanese SUVs, two very compelling propositions.

The Honda CR-V is a value for money and practical choice while the Mazda CX-5 is an emotive product.

Watch on as Adrian bring…

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  1. If u buy new – just buy CR-V (even used price still expensive)
    If u buy used – grab cx-5 (Price depression so terrible, so untong maa)

  2. I'm impressed by CRV spaciousness, but power is an addiction which once tasted you will never be able to get enough of. Both are good in their own way, hard to decide which one is the winner.

  3. bro, you also you add the major issues with this 2 vehicles… which is also important.. other than telling what is good on a new product..

  4. adrian please compare 2.2d (updated ver) 188hp vs crv vs cx5 2.5T. curious where does cx5 diesel stands and how it fares between 2.5T. some says the power nearly the same with 2.5T with less fuel consumption

  5. As a family SUV, the CRV wins. And think about the long term maintenance and roadtax cost. CRV is a more sensible proposition.

  6. Very depends on your BINI character. Most ppl who space oriented may choose CRV but for me will go CX-5 because my BINI always talk bout the drive and power. If power is enough she will prefer manual. So it is depends

  7. i buy one mazda cx5 2.0…the japan technology with continental touch.i love it..mazda cx5 more beautiful compare to honda crv to ugly..the advantage honda is spacious and praticallity…

  8. CRV is using full digital gauge cluster. CX5 still uses analogue gauges for the most part. Some may prefer the traditional analogue gauges over digital…

  9. Tested both, upgrading from nissan almera. Last time bought the almera because of the spacious second row and large boot. But everyday feel little bit regret when driving to work, no fun. So for my second car, will not repeat the same mistake, i pick cx-5. No regret although need to carry 2 different size of diapers now 🤣. But if u need to carry 3 different size of diapers, cr-v is the best. Unless u go for cx-8/9 🥲

  10. At 28, no kids, got a CX-5. Now 35, married, with two kids, just got a CRV.
    Both have their reasons… but I have to say I like the CVT transmission, but it was just the SPACE inside that sold me.

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