2021 Perodua Ativa 1.0T AV Review in Malaysia, Small in Size but Big on Wow Factor!! | WapCar

We got our hands on the 2021 Perodua Ativa and had a brief moment with the car and all we can say is WOW!

Perodua’s latest compact SUV may be small in size but packs big guns underneath. A…

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  1. well stiffer suspensions system is not that good in Sabah Or Sarawak since a lot of our road is not that good, imagine using stiffer suspension on gravel road.. i wish produa bring the rocky or raize version with AWD system… AwD + Affordable price i think it could sell well here…

  2. Based on the latest definition regarding Level 2 Autonomous driving from SAE, the adaptive cruise control and lane-centering is enough to claim as Level 2. I thought you are correct at first, but when I research for it, Ativa is eligible to claim that it's capable of Level 2 autonomous driving.

  3. For the price point alone, everything is forgiven. It's targeted for the middle income folks and city dwellers. No frills and no drama. You want refinement and everything else, look elsewhere. The overall whole package is good with adequate tech. 1 ltr turbo with 7 speed make up is a blessing. You are assured of smooth transmission and fuel saving, provided you don't drive like Sir Lewis Hamilton. All in all, Perodua has hit a home run with this model

  4. Good review, and thanks for not wearing a dumb mask all the time like some other youtubers, even when they're alone. This whole thing is just blown out of proportion to sell vaccines.

  5. What i really dont like with what Perodua done to its car, is put a black weired and cheap looking plastic on the front and at the back. It makes the design look cheap, crowded, immature dan 'mcm tidak siap'. The most i hate is the fake ekzos…the original look of the Toyota Raize is better…

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