FIRST DRIVE: 2019 Proton Iriz and Persona facelifts review – from RM37k and RM43k

You’ve seen it, read all about it, now find out exactly how the improvements made to the updated Proton Iriz and Persona fare in the real world.

For more info on the updated Iriz and Persona,…

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  1. Wished they put all of those good things in the new persona into the last gen body. I really like the styling of last gen persona, sporty and elegant. That low and long body mixed with new and fresh styling will be beautiful.

  2. Was deciding to buy a car early this year. I've test drove both Myvi 2018 and the Persona model before this face lift.

    Handling and suspension on Proton is definitely better than Perodua. If this new Persona was out, I would have gone for the Persona. Going through those thick red paints felt seemless and handling is really good.

    Can't wait to test drive this new Persona!

  3. Proton cars with cvt are crap. Lagging throttle response from stop go driving and whining problems if u floor it for overtaking. Some owners complain that cvt sounds "berdengung" at low speed.

  4. definitely, no doubts.

    Their ride is way, way way way way far more better than any perodua's models in the line. NVH, where is no competition against Recent proton models too.

    I wonder if PT would have tested out the fuel economy by putting hafriz and Paul Tan in a bezza to balance out the weight difference, I doubt the fuel economy will not differ as much.

    Proton engine tuned to be rev happy, unlike the lazy Perodua gearing. the refinement at mid-high rev is far more less refine in any of Peroduas.

    Suspension wise, proton has great damping and support for the dynamic. Perodua, they are just either too soft or clashy.

    Look wise, new myvi is likely to be appeal better for general. and a more practical boot space too, no doubts. But that does not judge it is a good car anyways from dymanic, more dampening ride, lively engine, chassis safety standpoint, despite having active safety features, eventhough it's a great budget system.

  5. I do really like the deep blue color on the Iriz, it gives volkswagen feels to it and in my opinion the design is much better compared to 1st release. But miss the projector headlamp its a good feature

  6. No kidding, i'm a long live perodua user. But after so much time riding in proton cars like the new vvt saga and persona (grab cars) i immedietely love them. Great handling, superb air conditioning and stock sound system, and surprisingly smooth cvt. Sometimes it makes me regret that I told my father to buy the bezza lol.

  7. Drove the 2016 Iriz yesterday, it's horrible! The engine was loud(probably the CVT), the feedback also not good.
    I drove the 2019 1.5L Myvi previously and it's much far ahead in terms of driving feel. I should go test drive this 2019 Iriz.

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