FIRST LOOK: 2019 Perodua Axia facelift – new Style variant, VSC, ASA 2.0, RM24k-RM43k

The 2019 Perodua Axia facelift has been launched in Malaysia, featuring new looks, electronic stability control, a crossover Style variant and the full ASA 2.0 active safety suite! Priced from…

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  1. Perubahan tak banyak… harga mcm ni jadikan proton saga lebih berbaloi untuk dibeli… Tapi kalau untuk 2nd car jalan2 bandar sambil bergaya boleh la… sebab harga lebih berbaloi dari kereta import

  2. I just go to perodua show room yesterday.. I have test drive new axia advance .. handling is not quite good.. and when I press the pedal a little only then it make a noisy sound..

  3. mahal bagi sebuah kereta kompak..lebih baik ambil sedan terus…tiada penambah baikan cuma dikosmetikkan je….takkan facelift je..rugi la wat owner yg dah beli model sebelumnya.industri automotif macam wat keje main2 je….apa sebenarnya motif facelift ni?nak jimat atau dah memang takde idea dah?rasanya model ayla lebih baik..siap ada arm rest lagi..

  4. I saw this car in Setia City Mall yesterday. First of all, when Hafriz says 400,000 units have been sold, it is a mixture feeling of wow and unbelievable for me. However, the sales figure does not impress me completely, because this car seems like has no real competitor in the market, I mean the segment-A hatchback, but even if it is a yes, it could be that the competitors have priced up exorbitantly. Moving back to the view of this car, okay, it is a very spacious car in it's class. I am not quite sure what variant that the showing unit is, but I find that the the three aircond switch knobs are of little annoying, for example, I feel like it is stucked somewhere in between the two dialing points when I try to adjust, and this gives me a real bad impression. For the Bezza Advanced that is displayed at the other end, the knobs work much much better. Yes, I know the saying of "what you pay what you get", but with that kind of of quality, I am not sure how far can Perodua go against the improved Proton day-by-day. If you ask me, I'd rather go for 2019 Saga, because Axia seems like is best suited as 'Kereta beli sayur' for old Uncle and Auntie. I don't know, until I have chance to test drive this car, maybe I will change my mind.

  5. Beli la kereta tu ikut kemampuan n masing2 punya sudut pandangan pun lain2… Cantik tu kan subjektif…ada yg suka….ada yg tak suka…terpulang…tepuk dada tanya selera …

  6. The 2013 Axia G variant get more accessories than the new ones…..very dissapointing plus the fact there's no manual for higher variant. Axia auto feels sluggish to drive compared to manual in my opinion

  7. Suka hati aku lah nak beli Axia. Apa korang nak bising2. Apa? Lagi mahal? Lagi kecik? No way! Aku tetap pilih Axia. That little
    Mini Cooper car you don't want to compare? Isn't it smaller than the saga?😂😂😂 kete picanto tak nak compare ke dgn saga?? hahaha

  8. Road noise..there has been a lot of talk about it by car reviewers here on YouTube. If I go by the term ' Road Noise ' then it means exactly that.Without going into the technicalities about that, I just want to say that the roads we drive on are just not constructed good or well enough. You pay hefty premiums for good cars, tyres, stability control and the list goes on but take your machine out on these shitty roads…yes, even the ones you pay for to travel by the kilometre ( Toll ) you just know the discomfort in the drive and you always blame your baby ( car ) for that.Let's face it, there are no proper rules that the men who come out in the middle of the night to lay the black stuff and roll over with that slow moving contraption follow . Add to that , the numerous piece by piece resurfacing, service trenches that get filled up poorly, the staccato rhythm rubberised speed breakers that you encounter so very often ( more lately blamed for the ' slippery when wet ' and cars skidding off the road conditions, I think it is time that we, the road users demand that proper and good standards of road construction be adhered to and car manufacturers like Perodua and Proton should be in with us on this as it is their cars that we take out on the roads and give the appropriate
    ratings and reviews for !

  9. It is ugly as fuck. Also, the tech specs are laughable for it's price range. Might as well buy a Saga.

    Aiya, Perodua could've done a full redesign for Axia but instead gone for a lousy facelift, just because they wanted it to stay relevant AND cheap. Just goes to show how lazy and arrogant Perodua have become nowadays. After Proton launched the Saga facelift 2019, Perodua, not wanting to lose out and can't stand to see Proton challenge it for even the slightiest, put out a quick and poor facelift Axiajust to disrupt the Saga's customer segment. They've done it before in the past, bringing out Alza to disrupt the Exora and putting out the Aruz just to disrupt the X70. They are confident enough in doing this strategy (rebadge to disrupt Proton) because they know that people will buy their cars no matter what they put out. The Aruz was quite blatant but this Axia was just straight up insulting. Lowering the tech specs and make it pretty on the outside is just lazy.

    But don't worry Perodua, you can keep on relaxing on your throne for now but soon, Proton will rise again to retake that no.1 spot. They've already achieved a record sales of 100,000 cars in 2019 and has solidified it's position as the no.2 carmaker in Malaysia. In just 2 more years (or less, who knows?) Proton's overall sales will surpass Perodua and reclaim the throne as the no.1 carmaker.

    Just wait and see.

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