FIRST LOOK: New Proton X50? The 2019 Geely Binyue 1.5 Turbo

As a compact B-segment SUV, the Geely Binyue (expected to be launched as the Proton X50 in Malaysia) offers promising levels of kit, performance, build quality, and tech. Take a quick tour around…

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  1. Apologies for the audio quality, folks! Didn't expect Geely to whip out the full model range on our short visit to its HQ, so I had to make do with this run-and-gun setup 🙁 hope y'all can hear me! 🙌🏻

  2. This is what happens when you murder someone for design and hi jack it to sell it to public when it realized that those designs was stolen from great german brands

  3. definitely worth to buy if below rm80k for sport variant. Then I realize we got our gov.. they will slap up the pricing; X70 ppl said the price is rm70k-80k in china(correct me if I'm wrong) and in malaysia rm99k? Alasan design/operational cost dgn tax lagi..

  4. After watched many X70 and particularly this video, i personally can see Proton is in good path moving onwards partnering with Geely. Possibly Proton in learning process new technology in a way to produce good product with competitive price, in this case from China. I can see Proton cars will be killer brand apart of all others in the local market. In the sense of way, yes Proton now "rebadge" Geely cars but nowadays who cares? Produce good cars than what available in market, sell a lot, excellent after sale service and there you go. Long story short, keep up the good work Proton and kudos to Paul Tan for always excellent videos! Tepuk dada tanya selera (Smack your chest and ask appetite).

  5. Chinese technology know how have improved leaps and bound during the past 10 years. If you are a user of Chinese made HP particularly Huawei P30 pro you will know what Im talking about, not only it charged twice as fast than any other phones in the market, its also packed with all the latest technologies and huge RAM to boot. In a nutshell the benchmark for China made cars are Continental marques. I cant wait for this car to come to our shores in Malaysia.

  6. Hopefully Proton doesn't change the front grille. Just change the logo to Proton, then it would be the most stylish looking car in 2019. Flying high tiger!!!

  7. Here in the Philippines, we call it Coolray. Same engine (Volvo) and specs.. Very nice car.. They did a media test drive month's ago and it is very nice, 3 cylinder Turbo charge engine is very capable on this car. Geely is stepping up.

  8. Now proton is resorting to putting their stickers on chinese cars. What a shame. All proton executives must be terminated and replaced. I wouldn't trust them to run a nasi lemak stall.

  9. definitely worth to buy if x50 priced below rm80k for sport variant. Then I realize we got our gov.. they will slap up the pricing; boyue price is rm56k-71k in china(correct me if I'm wrong) and in malaysia ckd rm95k? Alasan design/operational cost dgn tax lagi.. Byk betul atuk tapau =_=, kereta "proton" xkn la ada lagi import tax, excise duty

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