New Proton Saga 2019 Launched [Walkaround Review]: RM32,800, RM35,800 and RM 39,800!

It seems like Proton has pulled yet another one out of the bag, and this time it is the new 2019 Proton Saga – Three variants at affordable prices, with prices reduced from the previous model, but…

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  1. Can't wait for the customary Genting drive test. Wanna see how this little car handles n drives relative to a City which cost nearly 3x as much!

  2. Yea no CVT is a huge huge plus. Curious to see how this 4AT behave relative to a Myvi one.
    Still wanted the 1.6l engine for a Saga though. Proton can really consider a mildly sportier version with 1.6l at Persona price but with better handling. Utilizing manual or 4AT. It would be great.

    Proton already has all the components for it already. They just need to have a market case for it. And i believe there are market for it as long as price is kept at reasonable level.

  3. Used to own a 2003 Saga for 13 years. They are a great option for young people.
    Would love to see Proton bring some new sedan base on Geely's though.

  4. Im buying this once ada rebate..rugi my mom in law beli axia std auto for 38,500++ earlier this year😂😂 also not worth to buy that,this one looks and feels way superior

  5. Hi mr khong. Which is more value for money between the new saga and new persona? Is persona an overall better car than saga?

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