Perodua Aruz [Test Drive Review] – 0 to 100 Time? Most Affordable 7-Seater? | YS Khong Driving

We do a zero to hundred run to check the acceleration of the Aruz and drive it on the highway to check it out.
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  1. Hmm..BRV can do it at 12 sec with 5 people…Really slow maa..And the roar that the engine give everytime it try to accelerate is really annoying..I can't stand the sound if driving on the highways for hours

  2. Ys, you should add mr sim to all your future vlogs as he’s a breath of fresh air to your channel… but the rear passengers don’t seem to add any value lid…sorry to say.. not visually or aesthetically pleasing…

  3. Already so love with my aruz day by day. After seeing your review it powers x2 my love towards her now…. i made a silly thing. I went out and touched my aruz after seeing your video. No regret. Cheap, handsome, robust, jam pack safety features, such price with handsome led. Love driving at night as d led headlight is really bright and easy to drive at night. A car that i think i wont sell but 2nd car when new x1 is out next yr.

  4. It's mostly lorries that use the left most lane of a 4 lane highway. But you have to be more aware when driving on the slowest lane. Cos sometimes a slow driver on the middle lane can just change lanes to the left without looking, cos he assumes only slow vehicles use that lane or that it's empty. This wont happen if you go on the fast lane, cos the middle lane driver know the right most lane is a fast lane, so they look out to the right.

  5. While driving above 90km/h, the aruz rear axle differential gear box very noisy. I asked perodua SC, they said normal….For me, is worst than drive 1 ton lorry…

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