Proton S50 2021

The upcoming Proton car without a doubt will be the X50. The next vehicle that is scheduled for 2021 debut will be a sedan. Proton’s upcoming C-segment sedan most likely will be called the…

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  1. i hope proton gives us a proper c segment… the budget c segments are vios, city, almera then u got the slightly pricey ones like civic, corolla and mazda 3… i'm honestly so down to accept 7L per 100km if they're gonna provide a sporty, 160hp, between 70-80k and safe car, perodua doesn't have a C segment sedan and this would be where proton is gonna take the upper hand over perodua

  2. design nak sama macam Preve je..bosan ni! buat bentuk lain la.. grill depan dah nampak bosan asyik yang tu je macam X70..kalau macam ni design how nak fight dengan Honda Civic, Mazda 3 dan Toyota Altis..lemau nanti jadi pisang ler.

  3. Biarlah diaorg nak komen pasal design yang beli rakyat jugak biar proton dengar sikit apa rintihan rakyat tentang design proton yang gitu je dari dulu

  4. Geely Emgrand GL (facelife model in china) already sell in china 2017, next tear already 4 year in market, no point used as Preve, Geely Binrui more suitable due to brand new model (also correct Emgrand cons) , but need change suspension to multi-link .1.4T as standard & exec model,add 1.8T engine as highline/sport model.

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