Proton X70 Part 4/4 ✔Infotainment and Features ✔ Review Jujur ✔ Honest Review ✔

Nak tahu canggih x canggih Proton X70? Tonton video ini sampai habis !

This is a Proton X70 Premium Variant 2WD 6 Speed Automatic Transmission Car Review.

Full videos for both City and…

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  1. Me: Hi Proton.
    Proton x70: Coming.
    Me: Give me recommendations on Malaysia Car Reviewer.
    Proton X70: Here's my personal recommendation, Zul Reviews.

  2. Hi, ZUL, ini review yang teliti hingga lebih baik drp Youtuber taraf dunia….. kerana ini, saya subcribe channel anda dan berharap dapat banyak review semacam ini di masa depan i.e. Mazda CX 5 , Honda HRV dll…….Syabas……

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