Vlog#251 The Ultimate 2014 Honda NC750X Motorcycle Review Singapore

Full review of my “new” motorcycle, Amelina, a 2014 Honda NC750X. Have to say that it’s a very easy, no frills and fuss free Class 2 motorcycle.

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  1. Bro, I like watching your reviews. Very local lingo and easy to understand your perceptions and views on the bikes. One suggestion, in your test drives….maybe you should support the TP campaign to encourage other riders to wear proper riding gears, gloves, jackets etc. Your style of T-shirt and jeans….is kind of a bad example for the riders out there. You gonna to lose alot when bad things happen…. 🙂

  2. Hey man, you should review a Rieju Marathon pro 200. Best looking 2b scrambler in SG but pretty rare. Affordable and was looking to get one but there's not much online about it, would be great to have a review. Thank you Farhan and have a great week!

  3. Hiya, can you tell me the footpeg height from the ground? Most Honda Road bikes seem a bit low to me. Seat height is published but not the pegs.

  4. Just got a 2020 nc750! Plenty of power for singapore roads actually. Great overall bike, punchy torque but i think the suspension could be improved. One of the key upgrades for the bike would be the changing the suspension setup.

    10/10 would recommend this bike to new riders or someone who is looking for a more matured riding style.

  5. 21:43 Great video! The seat height is 830 mm. You can ride it if you are 165 cm tall, which is great, although your feet are really on tiptoe. Do you think someone who is 178 cm would have feet flat on the ground with this bike?

  6. Good bike with good fuel efficiency. But not for power hungry or people who prefers performance. Some people call it a class 2 honda wave

  7. Hi Farhan was wondering does NC750 with DCT model auto mode works like an automatic scooter? I'm a Malaysian currently in Vietnam and the traffic jam is 10 times worse than Singapore so thinking of getting 750x with DCT if the auto works like an auto scooter.

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