We Bought A 2021 Perodua Ativa 1.0T AV! Long Term Review & Strip Down in Malaysia! | WapCar

We bought a 2021 Perodua Ativa!

We are going to document the entire ownership process and cover every detail from living with an Ativa to any problems that we face. At the end of our ownership…

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  1. Great choice Adrian ! WapCar is getting an Ativa really means something for the 2nd national car brand. It's a testament to the achievement of making a truly modern and safe car, even car enthusiast company is attracted to buy one for itself !! 👍👍💪

  2. Very good choice of car for a long term test. We will get to know what ownership experience is like – hopefully you don't get special treatment because you have a YouTube channel. I have read countless reviews of cars and know that rave reviews do not always translate to owner satisfaction. Wishing you all the best in this long term review and hope to see your reports of this car.

  3. wow, pls strip it down like how the Germany automotive media Autobild and its counterpart in China does.. we wana see how far can this Ativa goes

  4. when you buy a car cash then you can say i bought a new car and buying car on loan means the car is not cash and can be taken back if in future you cannot pay,89% of Malaysian people cannot afford to buy a car cash,so your headline is wrong ok

  5. Adrian, walk the talk👍 Looking forward to your in-depth review as an "owner"🙏 Bro, any comments on the requirement to idle the Ativa engine for at least 30 secs after a long drive/fast run? This was stated in the manual?

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