Which is the BEST SUV? X70, CR-V, CX-5, X-Trail or 3008? –

We are back with friends from the motoring industry and a very special guest! In this mega shootout episode, we put 4 of the best selling SUVs in Malaysia and 1 wild card car through a Drag Race,…

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  1. Aduh the X70 came last in the drag race, but that car can handle corner very well and it's the cheapest so cannot complain. Next time handling test just let Bobby do it, he drives a big SUV like it is a crossover.

  2. Not bad, but i dont think its a comprehensive test and fair considering the CX5 variant that they're using is 2.5.. agility test should be driven by the same driver to eliminate the driver variety skills. Fuel test should not be taken literally from the car meter reading, rather it should be done by filling up the fuel again at the end of the destination to check how much fuel has lost. And no offroad test? Ok, understand.. the car owner might pissed off if they do it..hahaha. Nevertheless, its good to have this kind of comparison style in Malaysia. Keep it up bro. Please do segment B sedan please.

  3. OK, not bad except the slalom course. This only proved who was the better driver, not the best handling car. Would have been more scientific to let each driver, drive each car and then see the times by car and driver. Average out all the times and now you have tangible results.

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